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Sugarcane Juicer Machine Prices in Kenya
Sugarcane Juicer Machine Prices in Kenya

About Sugarcane Juice Machine

We are here to ensure you get the best and the right sugarcane juice machine for your needs. We take the time to research sugarcane juice machines so that we stock only the best machines in the market. To this end we are loyal to only a few brands that over the years have proved to be effective, durable and easy to use.

Since we have been in business for years, we have established great working relationships with the manufacturers of the brands we hold. As such, we get the latest products at the best prices so you the end consumer will benefit by getting superior quality products affordably. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians always on standby and available to you on short notice. We understand that shopping for a sugarcane juice machine and making good use of it for the first time can be stressful. Our team of experts is here to take the stress out of the process for you.

You will enjoy unbiased guidance to help you choose the right sugarcane machine plus aftersales customer service that enables you to make the best use of your investment. Contact us today and make use of the years of expertise at your disposal.

Sugarcane Juice machine Prices in Kenya:
Sugarcane Juice Machine - {Manual Only} ---->Ksh 29,000/=
Sugarcane Juice Machine - {Electric + Manual} --->Ksh 47,000/=
Sugarcane Juice Machine SY-250T - {Electric [Imported - India]} - Ksh 62,000

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Sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya

Sugarcane juice is a great alternative to other unhealthy sweeteners and carbonated drinks. It is no wonder that many people are now taking sugarcane juice whether at juice parlors or preparing it at home. If you want to start making sugarcane juice, chances are you are wondering about the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya.

But not to worry because sugarcane juicers are very reasonably priced especially if you purchase from a reputable supplier of the machines. If you are in the market for one of these machines, whether for a business or home use, we have just the right sugarcane machines for you.

The sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya varies depending on the type of sugarcane machine you want to purchase. Sugarcane machines can be categorized into manual, electric and commercial machines. The manual machines are small and suitable for home use. If you will not be juicing sugarcanes often and don't mind cranking the machine by hand, these affordable machines will work perfectly for you.

If you do not have the strength to juice canes by hand, or you just don't want that kind of hassle, then you should consider electric machines. These can be categorized into small machines for home use and large machines suitable for busy juice parlors or sugarcane juice packaging company.

The big machines equipped with more power and features definitely cost more than the smaller ones. Manual sugarcane juice machines are the most affordable. Besides, they are also very easy to repair if they should fail because there aren't many electrical parts and complicated systems.

Besides considering the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya, there are also other considerations to have in mind when choosing a sugarcane juice machine. First, you should consider the number of rollers used in the machine. The more rollers the machine has, the easier it is to extract juice from the cane. A good machine is one that presses the cane between layers of rollers place consecutively next to each other. This way when the cane comes out the other end, most of the juice will have been removed.

You should also pay close attention to the power of the machine. A good sugarcane juice machine should be able to produce enough power to drain the juice from the sugarcane with ease, in one go and without heating up. The big commercial sugarcane juice machines have bigger motors and engines for quick and easy pressing of loads of sugarcane.

A good sugarcane juicer should be made of strong and sturdy materials that will withstand crushing and squeezing juice out of the sugarcane. The base should be stable and keep the machine in one place during operation. A good machine should have a lot of stainless steel parts and some durable plastic parts.

Another aspect you might want to consider is maintenance of the machine. You should definitely go for a machine that is easy to maintain and take care of. The components that detach should be easy to assemble when you need to use the sugarcane juicer. Further, the machine should be very easy to clean.

Your trusted sugarcane juice machine shop

You could be wondering where to buy sugarcane juice machine in Kenya. We understand that when you buy a sugarcane juice machine, you want to get the best and the right one for your needs. That is why it is recommended that you make your purchase from a trusted supplier.

That is where we come in. We are specialist suppliers of sugarcane juice machines in Kenya. Our clients enjoy a wide variety of products from worldwide renowned manufacturers. The machines we sell have a reputation of lasting long and serving our clients without issues of failing.

Sugarcane juice machines are not common and therefore you might not have all the information you need when choosing one. Not to worry because we are experts when it comes to sugarcane machines. We take time to understand your needs and match you with the right machine for you.

Further, as specialists we are able to provide our superior quality machines at the most affordable sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya. What more could you ask for? Contact us today to speak to an expert and let us help you make a great investment.