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How sugarcane juice machine works

Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Sugarcane juice is the craze right now because of the many benefits that it offers. There are two ways you can enjoy sugarcane juice. First, you can chew the cane yourself, which of course is very strenuous, limiting and time consuming. Secondly, you might invest in a sugarcane juice machine to make the juice yourself or buy the juice from a juice parlor.

Extracting juice from sugarcane is not something new. It has been done for ages in many different ways in different cultures. The manual sugarcane juicers were developed based on the idea of pressing the cane against two hard surfaces. Technology advancements have seen development of electric sugarcane juice machines. If you are like most people you must be intrigued about how sugarcane juice machine works.

The idea behind a sugarcane juicer is very simple. It is all about pressing the sugarcane between two rollers to extract the juice. The first machines made were manual and very simple. Most had just one roller and the sugarcane had to be passed several times through until the user is satisfied that most of the juice has been extracted from the cane.

However, things are very different now. With lots of technology to work with and a lot of innovation over the years, sugarcane juice machines have come a long way. Now they are more effective at extracting the sweet sap, beautifully made, long lasting and safe.

The can is passed in through an inlet and it goes through a roller or series of rollers. The rollers exert a lot of force crushing the sugarcane and extracting the juice. The juice comes out through a tap outlet while the roughages are expelled out another outlet. Unlike when using other crude methods, using a sugarcane machine ensures you get clean and safe juice ready for consumption.

That is the basis of how sugarcane juice machine works. However, modern machines come integrated with a lot of features that make it extremely easy for you to juice sugarcanes. On electric juicers you will notice many buttons and features. These enable you to work the machine with ease while others ensure you are safe.

On the simpler manual sugarcane juices, you will not notice a lot of buttons, LED lights and other gizmos. Usually these machines are simple and very easy to use. Due to their simplicity, they are also very easy to maintain and repair.

Now that you know how sugarcane juice machine works, where can you get one? Buying a sugarcane machine, is not something you do every day. Also, shopping for a sugarcane machine is not like shopping for clothes or shoes where you just discard what you do not like. When shopping for a sugarcane juice machine, you need a partner you can rely on.

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